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Rivet nut


Rivet nut.

Rivet nut - is a fastening element, which allows to create a durable connection M3-M12 of thin-walled (0.3-6 mm) details.

Rivet nut is a cylindrical fastener with flat or countersink head. In the inside it is threaded as M3-M12. Body of rivet nut may be made of steel (covered with CrZn), aluminum or stainless steel. On the outside rivet nut may be knurled and it much more increases durability of connection made with such kind of rivet nut.

For the correct diameter rivet nut setting the length of rivet nut should be chosen in the table depending on the gripping range.

Rivet nut should be set in preliminary perforated hole (discrepancy allowed +0.1mm). Rivet nut should be screwed on the spindle of riveting tool and the spindle sets the screwed rivet nut in the hole. Then combustion stroke should be made and with the changing of rivet nut form there creates the strong connection in the hole.

The advantages of rivet nut are:
1) no need in welding equipment
2) opportunity to work in out-of-the -way places
3) no need in preliminary preparations (degreasing and drying)
4) opportunity to set steel, aluminum and stainless steel fasteners in steel/Zn, aluminum and stainless materials accordingly.

All necessary information for correct choice of rivet nuts for strong and durable connection may be found on our website. For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.



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