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Blind rivet

Rivet nut


RIVET- is a fastening device for permanent connection.

    Mankind has been using permanent connection made with help of rivets for already more then 2500 yeas. During archeological dig there were found ancient armors connected with the help of rivets. The climax of development of riveted constructions appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. Cruiser Aurora and Eiffel tower are the most remarkable representatives of such constructions. But at the same time were developed such types of riveted connections which allowed to produce less laboriously and more manufacturable.
    With all advantages the connections riveted with full-bodied rivets have just one disadvantage- rivet should be riveted from one side and kept from the other. That is why there were created pull-out rivets.

    Construction and main characteristics of rivets.

    Regular rivet consists of two parts: body and mandrel. The body of the rivets may be made of different materials: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, MONEL alloy (Ni/Cu=70/30). The mandrel of the rivets may be made of steel or stainless steel.
    Among all characteristics of rivets attention should be paid to the geometrical dimensions (diameter and length of the body). There are several types of rivets: with flat head (D of the head = 2D of the rivet body, pic.1), large flange head (D of the head = 3D of the rivet body, pic.2), countersunk head (pic.3) and sealed impermeable body (pic.4).
    Strength properties should be the main object of attention while choosing the kind of rivet (shear and tensile strength). Special attention also should be paid while choosing of rivets to interference of body of the rivets and riveted materials. Please remember that if you want the connection to be strong and durable the materials should be of one type and not to produce galvanic couple.
    Moreover, the length of the rivet body should depend on the grip range of the riveted materials. In case the length of rivet or rivet nut is not enough for grip the formation of solid head will be impossible because of lack of the material and in case the length will be too long the solid head will be formed far from griped materials. In both cases the grip will be unstable.
    All information about correct choice of rivets for strong and durable connection you can find on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.







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