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Sorrex OY


     “Sorrex OY” is delighted to offer wide variety of rivets and rivet nuts as well as tools for them. All kinds of products are of excellent quality. We offer our European customers the rivets which meet all European standards. Among the assortment of our products are: rivets, rivet nuts, tools for rivets and rivet nuts both mechanical and pneumatic for all kinds and sizes. All positions are citified with international certificates ISO 9001 and 9002. Rivets are of DIN 7337. Our suppliers are permanently controlling and improving quality of production. Use of up-to-date facilities in manufacture made our prices very competitive. The following materials are used in the products we offer: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper. “Sorrex OY” has representative office in St.Petersburg, Russia. We are able to keep on our stock up to 2-3 monthly needs for our permanent customers to whom we are also able to offer the delay of payment. We can deliver your order to any region.

заклепка вытяжная, заклепка-гайка, заклепка тяговая, заклепка резьбовая



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